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Zara and Mango also go for transparent vinyl bags

The fashion companies designed it, the networks launched it to success and now you can buy the ‘low-cost’ versions at bargain prices.


The shopping bag of Céline came to touch the 500 euros, something incomprehensible to many who, however, is now causing a sensation in the stores ‘low-cost’. For those who do not mind showing everything they carry in their bags, such as the mobile phone, wallet, handkerchiefs, sunglasses and so on, there are the clones of this transparent vinyl bag.

For infinitely more affordable prices, several transparent bags can be purchased at the Inditex and Spanish firms. For example, in Zara there is a fully transparent vinyl shopper bag for € 15.95.

Another shop of the textile group of Amancio Ortega, Stradivarius, also offers its version with black fabric finishes for 12.99 euros. And in Mango, practically the same for 19.99 euros. It is a fashion with which you can play, since you can always add a small bag in the vinyl or carry all the beach accessories.

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