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Alexandra Neto is a Portuguese blogger and content editor. She recalls that the beginning of the blog Xanalicious began on a special boring day due to the university thesis back in 2009.

From then until now, so much has changed. She was content editor at a well-known national fashion portal for 3 years and from there she jumped to the same position but in beauty. But I’m still focused on approaching theories of style, sharing shopping, talking about beauty products, and extrapolating on all of this (and sometimes a few more things) at Xanalicious web.

Where is the name born from? I have no idea. It was almost dawn when I created this, my judgment was far from 100%. The truth is that it took and, after a long time considering whether to change or not, “xanalicious” already makes too much of me to let go.

  1. What are the brands you usually use? I love portuguese emerging brands for baskets and totes (my favorite are La Petite Sardine and Toino Abel), but i can’t live without my Speedy and my shoulder bag (in black) from Uterqüe.

Das 📸 que mais gosto! ♥️ Obrigada, @tablesmess

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💫 Bom fim-de-semana! 😎🙏🏼

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What style of handbags is more comfortable for you on a daily basis? 

Shoulder bags, for sure! If you pick an elegante model, it will go with EVERYTHING in your closet. From small totes to the Longchamp classic, to the box bags – you hardly go wrong with a medium black shoulder bag!



What are your top bags?

For me, there’s only the Speedy and the Reissue 2.55.

Who is your favorite designer? 

I’ll have to say Chanel and Mansur Gavriel (they made a GREAT work since they arrived).

What is the handbag you had been wanting for a long time? 

The Reissue 2.55.


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