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Who gets a bag like that from Alexander Wang?

North West receives two handbags from Alexander Wang for her fifth birthday

Although there are still several weeks left for the birthday of the first-born of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the fashion house Alexander Wang has already sent her a very special gift in the form of two bags.

My bestie 💕

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On June 15, North West – one of the most famous and photographed girls in the world – will turn five, but some of her parents’ friends have gone ahead to that date to start sending her gifts. As one of the most popular children’s fashion icons, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian has always had a dream wardrobe in which there is no shortage of miniature replicas of some of the most exclusive creations that her mother looks and which she now finishes to add two Alexander Wang handbags.


The designer sent him these accessories accompanied by a handwritten note that read:

“Happy birthday, North, every girl needs some sparkle in her life, I hope you like them, Alex.”

As he was in charge of showing the TV star through his social networks, the fashion house sent two very special designs for the first-born of the couple: a small bag with leopard print and another decorated with bright crystals that will most likely end up guarding their mother until the girl reaches an age when she can appreciate that kind of luxury accessories.

“My God, North is the luckiest girl in the world, who gets a bag like that from Alexander Wang, I want to steal it, Alex, thank you very much, maybe I ended up keeping it myself,” Kim Kardashian said in a video shared in the Stories section. of his Instagram. “Please take a look at Wang’s bag that they just gave to North, I can not believe it, I would have been very good last night.

The possibility that Kim herself ends up using the bags is no joke, since it is true first quality designs: only the one that emulates the skin of a leopard is valued at $ 750.

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