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Valentino by Mario Valentino. Mario Valentino’s success

Valentino by Mario Valentino. Mario Valentino ‘s success

National and international runways have always honored leather handbags and apparel, and that’s the key point in Mario Valentino ’s success. There are many firms that opt for this type of manufacture taking into account many different styles without giving up comfort and convenience.

Mario Valentino’s motto is making the brand’s products traditional with a contemporary image, luxury, art and history made in Italy. It is the challenge of coordinating aesthetics  and functionality, the handbags, the cardholders, the coin cases, the wallets, the shoes, all created to give an air of sophistication to the characterized handbags adapted to clients needs.

Starting off by creating luxurious shoes, Mario Valentino has since grown its fashion empire including all types of leather accessories. A handbag apart of being a stylish and a quality product should identify its owner’s style and perspective. The design in which we trust to keep our objects considered as vital in our daily lives, is more relevant than what we can imagine, it is the endorsement of a style.







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