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Trend alert, this season bags are big!

The street has spoken: between the bags ‘lady’, the fanny packs, the smallest models (like the one to hang around the neck sketched by Jacquemus that is already a ‘must’ among the most ‘fashion’) and the ones with hair (comfortable and warm to equal parts), there is one that seems to have become the winning accessory of autumn: the XL. And is that the bags multiply their dimensions to unsuspected limits to respond to a trend that gains followers by minutes. It will be because it has the ability to break a ‘look’ in a clear way (it is a good way to crown sets of both ‘working girl’ inspiration and others created on the basis of layers and more layers) or simply for its functionality. If there is a better way to carry the house on your back than with a model like that.

The best way to carry an XL bag? There are two: hanging from the shoulder, as it has been done all the life, or under it and as if it were a ‘clutch’ hand but larger, something that visually stylized but we think it will be anything but comfortable.

Among all styles and structures, it seems that the ‘tote’ and the ‘shopper’ are the ones who are going to live this exaggeration of the dimensions. They are manufactured in all types of leather and are finished with tassels, embroidery and even bright ornaments. Of course, the eternal black is a classic that never goes out of style.


Far from a tendency that has the days counted, the seen in the last weeks of the fashion makes us presage that a summer awaits us filling the bags of things ‘just in case’. Marni, Dries Van Noten or Hermès are some of the brands that invite us to spend the day in the deckchair on the beach with an XL bag on the side. Other than lack of space.


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