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This is the viral bag among the royals

The European royalty has surrendered to the Knot model by Bottega Veneta.

Queen Letizia of Spain was the last royal to wear the iconic Knot model from Bottega Veneta. This small rigid handbag with braided details and metallic closure is the favorite of European royalty, and royals of the size of Maxima de Holanda or Carolina de Monaco already shine it. Its price? 1,400 euros.


Queen Letizia was the last to join this trend: she chose the Knot Intreccio Impero model in black tone from Bottega Veneta, the same one that we have seen Carolina from Monaco on occasion, to attend the Journalism Awards Francisco Cerecedo. But the royal that has been more seduced by this accessory has been without a doubt Maxima of the Netherlands, who has worn it in several official acts and in different colors.


Another of the royals that has succumbed to this design is Mary of Denmark, who wore the Knot Bottega Veneta at the gala dinner organized by the Dutch Royal House after the abdication of Queen Beatrix combined with a spectacular pink dress with rhinestones.




We find many more examples: Victoria from Sweden prefers Knot in a light blue color, while Magdalena from Sweden opts for nude and black. They could not miss the list of Carolina of Monaco, Mette-Marit of Norway and Charlene of Monaco. The latter opts for the most striking of all, in fuchsia. It seems that the European royals coincide in the election of one of the star accessories for their official acts, the Knot, of Bottega Veneta.

Will Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton be the next to fall into temptation?

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