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This is Loewe’s bag to save the elephants

The Loewe brand has traveled to Kenya to work with the women of the Samburu Workshop, an artisan center located in Ol Malo. The craftswomen have made by hand, with extreme meticulousness, a series of beads for the limited edition of the iconic bag of Loewe Elephant Mini camel version.

The Samburu community of northern Kenya is especially linked to these animals, and collaborates with the Kenyan organization of research and conservation of elephants Save The Elephants to help protect them. In fact, the beads project was born 15 years ago as a result of a terrible drought that forced women and children to subsist on their own while the men moved the cattle to graze. The bag is part of the campaign that Knot On My Planet has launched to support the Elephant Crisis Fund, an initiative developed by Save The Elephants and Wildlife Conservation Network in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. In addition, the Elephant Crisis Fund is committed to a 100% donation model, so that absolutely all the money raised will go to elephant conservation projects in the most afflicted areas of Africa and Asia. This initiative seeks to improve the catalytic aid to projects dedicated to stop the slaughter of these animals and to end the traffic and demand for ivory. € 1,200



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