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This Hermès bag is the most expensive in the world

The Himalaya Niloticus 2008 model has broken all records when sold for $ 217,144

A special sale of designer handbags by Hermès was held this Tuesday in London. The event held at Christie’s broke the record and became the most expensive stock market in the world after reaching a price over $ 200,000.

But what makes it so special to have that price? The Hermès Himalaya Niloticus 2008 model, in addition to condensing the elegance and design of the fashion house, has very valuable items such as an 18k white gold lock with diamond inlays, which confirms its price.

The Birkin Himalayas are made of Nile crocodile skin. The Himalayan designation does not apply to the origin of the bag, but to the delicate gradation of color. The smoky gray fades into a pearly white that resembles the majestic, snow-covered Himalayas. The process of dyeing a crocodile skin is time consuming and exponentially more difficult as the shadows become lighter; creating the immaculate white of the snow and gradation to rocky gray requires great skill and a fine eye that is simply one of a kind.

Hermès handbags have captivated the fashion world for many years, to the point that collectors and enthusiasts of the brand do not hesitate to buy an object of these magnitudes. If this bag is sold at that price will become the most expensive so far, taking away the record to another model of the brand, the blue crocodile skin Birkin, which was sold at £155.000.

The framework of this million-dollar sale is designed for the London Luxury Week, where more than 220 handbags from different brands worldwide will be exhibited, as well as unique and exotic accessories that steal the dream of collectors from the world of fashion.


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