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There is a new belt bag and has the approval of Queen Elizabeth II

Launer, the legendary brand of handbags that the British monarch always uses, is passed to the urban style.


She has more than 200 bags of the same model in different colors, it never separates from them, and the course of diplomatic relations depends on its presence. Queen Elizabeth II has relied on Launer’s creations since 1968, and today it is difficult to find an image of the queen in which she does not appear wearing one of her famous short handle and lapel bags. In patent leather or leather, always in combination with the tones of his attire, the complement of Launer has become a symbol of the Crown almost at the level of his corgis.

The firm holds the prestigious Seal of Royal Guarantee, an honor that only three members of the family (the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales) can grant to those companies that collaborate with the palace and that have a special value for the country.


Although Launer is characterized by its ultra-classic lines (which have earned it the nickname of ‘grandma brand’), this season they have decided to throw themselves into the pool and present a fanny pack model. With the famous logo in the shape of a gold-plated cord, the bag has been updated in a mini version and with a strap to fasten to the waist.


Will we see Queen Elizabeth II wearing this new accessory? It is unlikely, but not for aesthetic criteria. Among the many theories that circulate around the most photographed bag of the Windsor, the rumor predominates that the British monarch uses it to send secret messages to his assistants when he is meeting with people. If you change your arm it is that you want to end the meeting, and if you put it on the table it is that the matter is even more urgent.

The company dates back to 1940, when it was founded by Sam Launer after arriving in London with his wife and children fleeing Czechoslovakia. With the death of his firstborn in the war (fought in the British air forces), it was the little brother who decided to take over the reins of the company that triumphs today in Buckingham. Prince Charles’s mother, as a gesture of courtesy with his supplier, visited Launer’s workshops in 1992, where he marveled at how the products were manufactured. Now that’s an it-bag.

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