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The weirdest bags of this spring

The weirdest bags of this spring

It is not a novelty: the best fashion designers create it bags suitable only for the most daring and people still remember the milk brick of Chanel, the leather sucker of Moschino, the cupcake of Kate Spade or the lips of Lulu Guinness. That fashion is still going on and the street continues to show us that this accessory, so dear to all fashionistas, takes a new dimension this 2018.Here are the weirdest bags of this season.


The Trophy

The weirdest bags of this spring

As if it were a football trophy , this handbag made of simulated metallic straw is one of the strangest proposals this season, although in reality it is a light model, Rosie Assoulin, 710 euros, Net -a-Porter.


Lunch Box

The weirdest bags

Model lunch box that replicates in leather the effect of typical brown paper grocery bags in the United States. Clutch by Simon Miller, 380 euros.



One of the favorite pastimes of Deina Gvasalia is to create handbags inspired by functional models of the 60s, although sometimes surprising for the shape or color. This is a triangular “degeneration” of the Adidas sports bag 50 years ago.



Bag-notebook of elongated size in black, a model that borders on the surreal, of the «Off White» brand. Leather clutch of 915 euros, Net-a-Porter.


Painted on Velvet

Another concession to surrealism. A velvet bag literally painted to look like a suede bag finished with zipper, logo and trimmings. 1700 euros, Prada.


Imagine any shape and you will see it materialized (some designs more affordable than others). The originality has no end and the bags are presented with funny phrases, strange shapes and striking colors. The question is, with which of these models would you dare to dress your day to day?



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