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The spiritual, multi cultural reminiscing handbags of Anyango Mpinga

The spiritual, multi cultural reminiscing handbags of Anyango Mpinga

Award winning Anyango Mpinga handbags, capable of capturing African history and heritage in a way most brands don’t do.


Anyango Mpinga, admits her handbags definitely have to show where she comes from and the land which has raised her.

“There is so much wealth and diversity on the African continent that the rest of the world doesn’t understand and I use that wealth and incorporate it into my design process.”


Her influence is definitely the spiritual concept when it comes to her work.

“I firmly believe that my source of creativity comes from a higher power, which is beyond my own, limited human understand. I am Baha’i and the arts and creativity are elevated as the highest form of thanks-giving to the creator, so whether you believe in God or the Universe, the very act of creating whilst serving your community is a form of gratitude or the bestowal of your talents” Anyango admits.


As we can see in her collections, Africa is also a great inspiration for her handbags. Nairobi in particular, where she comes from, its people and its nature makes it a great place to create and desing.

“There is so much to learn from each other and this feeds my desire to absorb what my environment gives me. I also like to think of myself as an old soul, so Victorian fashion is something I love looking at every so often. I also get a lot of inspiration from architectural structures and like to apply curves and de-constructed shapes into my work”


The bags are absolutely made for adventurous women who like a little bit of a luxury piece.

“It’s for the women who love color and appreciate the texture particularly in the types of leather I use for the bags, which are often released in limited edition quantities


In her collections, she aims to transmit a series of values and ideas carved in her leather bags, such as the one FREE AS A HUMAN, that offers simplicity, minimalism and functionality. This idea is to to raise awareness against human trafficking, which is virtually modern day slavery.


And that is what Anyango Mpinga centers on, the idea of leaving a legacy of social transformation.

As its owner confesses, the idea is to transmit  “the importance of protecting the freedom and rights of young girls and women around the world. That means that my work as a designer and my social activism go hand in hand. I am working towards global distribution, whilst ensuring that the message to protect young girls from modern slavery, forced labor and even early childhood marriage is something that every individual becomes a conversation our communities can act upon on at the local and global level.”


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