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The next Iconic IT Bags: Part II

The selection continues. Part II of the next iconic bags.


Faye, Chloé

Iconic IT Bags

Unlike all previous handbags, Chloé’s Faye does not flirt with the classic and clear silhouette, nor stick to a single material. His is something else, his thing is to remember the 70’s, bohemian character, rhythm and mixtures with foundation. Maybe that’s why it also deserves to be an investment for life, because it does not look like any other. And that, in an industry like fashion, is always a winning factor.

Puzzle, Loewe

It was the first bag designed by JW Anderson for the signature of Spanish roots and the best summary of its aesthetic positioning: it is conceptual and artistic but suitable for all audiences. Since then, the Puzzle is relaunched every season in new colors and finishes, from the most classic to the most futuristic, but always without losing sight of one thing: that modernity never expires. Tremble, Amazona.

Petite Malle, Louis Vuitton

Inspired by the classic trunks of the maison, the Petite Malle can seem a whim (expensive) with all that implies: it is small, almost tiny, and its shape of box with its rivets and finishes make it almost an object to be admired But no. The Petite Malle, one of Nicolas Ghesquière’s first creations when he landed in the French house, has all the ingredients to stand the test of time as well as the Speedy or the Neverfull: it has the guarantee of the Monogram canvas, the resistance and the charisma of the travel accessories and the small dose of subversion -the mini size- that every good classic needs.

Pierce Bag, JW Anderson

A design that also meets the strict requirements that the classics must have: medium size, clear and forceful silhouette and a small detail that places it here and now that, in the case of the bag of the English designer for his own signature, is the piercing Metallic closure. Simple, but effective.

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