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The next Iconic IT Bags: Part I

The next Iconic IT Bags: Part I

The 2.55, of Chanel; the Birkin, of Hermès; the Speedy, Louis Vuitton … The list of iconic bags is in the public domain, almost general culture. Impossible not to know (or at least intuit) the silhouette of those mentioned above, impossible not to dream of having at least one of them to verify that, indeed, they are as eternal as they promise. But apart from the classics, there is a new generation of handbags willing to enter the sacred Olympus of immortality.

These are the accessories to invest in now for life. The bags which will be iconic. Part 1:

Dionysus, Gucci

Alessandro Michele has managed to make the classic print of the Italian house again desirable through a collection of handbags – the Dionysus – in which the canvas printed to infinity with the double G coexists with snakes, butterflies, flowers, rays, hearts or lips painted red.

And all of them, from the first to the last, are destined to age as well as the most minimalist bag in the world. Because if we have learned something with Michele, it is that the extravagance never goes out of style.

Medium Classic, Céline

Each season the design is reissued in new colors and materials, but although it changes skin, the spirit remains the same: to convince ourselves that what is less is more, truly, the most eternal aesthetic mantra that can exist.

Monogramme Sac Université, Saint Laurent

It is black, has a practical long handle and has the perfect capacity: a priori, the recipe of the Monogramme Sac Université de Saint Laurent may seem simple (which it is), but when you accompany something easy and that works from a symbol that never happens, the thing changes a lot. And those three metallic initials -YSL- count many things. Today and always.

Diorama, Dior


The best counterpoint to the classic delicacy of the Lady Dior. Its camouflaged Cannage, its resounding profile and its convertible handle make it a timeless piece.

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