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The net bag is also for the autumn

If this summer you surrendered to the fever of the net bag, this will interest you.

The strange case of the net bag continues to triumph but with a new user manual. Street style has spoken and made it clear that it is colorful, with a bag inside and with a more sophisticated air than beach.


A gesture, that of introducing another piece inside, which is a matter of common sense because putting small accessories such as keys, a lipstick or some coins could end up on the floor and it is not a matter of losing valuable objects. In the end it is about not only carrying a trend without more but also using functional pieces. They, the fashion prescribers, opt for handbags or clutches.
Although the most important difference with respect to the start of the boom of the network bags is that its recent introduction to city looks carries with it an obligatory adaptation of more luxurious materials such as leather. Now your grandmother’s shopping bag is enriched by the elegance of a fabric that transforms every outfit into cool.


But, to what do we owe this new user manual?

The transformation can be understood within this revaluation that the fashion industry is giving to common objects. In the end it is a question of reinventing oneself, firms do not want to become obsolete in a universe in which everything is invented. The vintage boom has a lot to do with this, in that tendency to recover our past. And in this sense we find two completely parallel worlds: that of fast fashion chains and the luxury market. A war of titans where the first struggle to make available to all pockets seasonal hits, while the latter do not find the perfect formula to maintain the exclusivity of what the fashion prescribers walk the streets. And thanks precisely to this conflict, the firms that have become fashionable soon have the network bag revisit this season.

Zara and Mango, have the low cost version


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