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The most iconic travel bag as we have never seen before

The most iconic travel bag as we have never seen before

Shayne Oliver, founder of the cult New York male brand Hood by Air, has completely changed the most famous travel bag in history: we are talking about Le Pliage, by Longchamp.


The designer teams up with the legendary French house to develop a capsule collection – Longchamp by Shayne Oliver – in which he changes everything, fusing the craftsmanship and elegance of the classic signature with its transformative aesthetic. The story of how this has been possible comes from the break with a concept: the comfort zone, which Oliver does not know.

“I like to challenge myself and carry out unconventional things, because it is very liberating,” says the designer. “For me, who reside in New York, Longchamp is part of urban fashion-streetwear- (…) A Longchamp bag has a language that is very organic to me. The first thing that interested me about the project were the travel bags, and from that moment I began to reflect on how they had influenced travel in my previous collections. I thought about the travel ties that we made for my brand HOOD BY AIR (HBA) and I wanted to translate it into the Longchamp language through graphics “, he adds.


In fact, the bags of this new collection are printed with some capitalized words, such as HIATUS, “which means gap or rupture,” he explains. In an interesting turn of events, Oliver has designed the iconic Le Pliage bag as we have never seen it before. Now it’s called Doble Le Pliage: “This is born from the idea of ​​enjoying a bag both on the personal and the professional side. You know which side you are using depending on the front graph. The HIATUS part is for personal moments, and the other part is for business. I tried to make Le Pliage more consistent with this concept of a new world. ”











This unexpected collection includes leather, footwear, ready-to-wear and garment items, as well as the new version of the iconic Le Pliage by Longchamp, reinterpreted by Oliver. Throughout the collection, proportions are challenged and forms are altered, which breaks with the topics of the trips of the modern era but also with the idea of ​​classicism within a legendary brand.



The launch of Longchamp by Shayne Oliver will first arrive at selected Longchamp boutiques in the USA. and at longchamp.com.

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