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The mistery of Maison Goyard

The Poitiers bag x Goyard

The Goyard family of tote bags welcomes a newcomer, this time in mini format.

Based in Carcasson, south of France, the Maison Goyard leather goods firm is positioned as one of the most mysterious and desired by lovers of luxury bags and luggage. And it does so thanks to its unique designs with exquisite details worked only by hand, offering exclusive products discreetly, as part of its mystery and attractiveness is the sober and ancient way of selling its merchandise.

Within the legacy of the firm and after the success of Saint-Louis, Anjou and Artois,here it comes the Poitiers, in a variation of 11 different colors, retaking the aesthetic and artisan codes representative of the brand and thus offer ingenuity, flexibility, lightness and style, evoking the art of the house picnic chairs in a beautiful and stylized way.

Poitiers bag x Goyard

Mini in size, ultimately flexible and light as a feather, the Poitiers bag has its own take on Goyard’s art of the tote, picking up their aesthetic and hand-crafted codes, and uniting them in a variation full of wit and form , the perfect balance of timeless chic and unexpected style.

The Poitiers handbag is available as a limited edition.

The Poitiers handbag is available in one size only and 11 colours (black, black & gold, white, grey, blue, navy, burgundy, red, orange, yellow, green).

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