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The Greek Inspiration of Elena Karavasili

After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York and London College of Fashion, Elena Karavasili found her identity as a designer.

I loved working with leather and creating objects that interacted with the body so I started developing my line of handbags.


As she says: I wanted to combine my passion for design and create a brand that reflects a refined aesthetic while focusing on the material qualities and how the products are crafted.


The EK brand offers handcrafted leather goods with a contemporary price point and inspired by classical Greek elements of design. Another thing that sets the brand apart is the transparent production process.



Being ethical I believe should be part of every brand, especially if you want to create a contemporary / luxury product. Transparency both in the sourcing of materials and knowing the story behind every person who crafts the products is crucial to me.


The main characteristic in Elena Karavasili’s designs is the linear piping technique created to evoke a linearity and decorative simplicity. This derived from the texture found in the columns of many Greek monuments. (In my opinion) minimalism is an evolution of classicism. Classicism focuses on traditional forms, elegance and symmetry and minimalism takes these forms and exposes their essence by eliminating non-essential features. Incorporating elements from these two movements is what really inspires me.



When asked who is the perfect EK client, Elena is sure that is someone who looks at fashion and accessories as an investment and appreciates craftsmanship and the timeless attributes of the materials used. She doesn’t have a specific image, but reflects a confident and dynamic woman with strong values.


In they future she would love to collaborate with different artists and create leather goods with a cultural message.

It is hard to expect something specific because of the industry’s volatile nature but adding some customizable features is something I am really excited about.


You can find Elena’s handbags mainly in Greece, and especially in high-end boutiques. However, the brand has direct clients based in London and worldwide through the brand’s social media platform and website engagement.


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