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The glowing bag collection by Kim Kardashian

It seems that Kim Kardashian (38) has decided that he wants us to envy him more than we do. Sana, yes. She is famous, has 119 million followers on Instagram, three wonderful children, a rapper husband, Kanye West, in case someone did not know, and a collection of clothes and accessories that we want to die.

And as she knows that her fans love to show her her wardrobe, this time Kim has decided to show us the collection of fancy and colored bags that she keeps jealous in her dressing room. And the truth is that we have been speechless because the money that should be worth every bag should not be nor normal.


A phone, a muffin, an ice cream, a mini hamburger, a mobile phone, a cocktail glass, a box of chips and on the left a clutch that seems bitten by one of the edges. How much brightness and how much fantasy!

We already tell you that there will be more money right now than the bank in Spain. Although look, something bad had to have so much bag and is that one of them we did not like much. A pink model of Alexander Wang that we left to Kim to keep it in his closet. We prefer to show the ones above.

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