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The digital side of handbag’s fabrication

Pascal NU , the unique designed laser cut manufactured handbags

Texas settled, Pascal NU handbags are meticulously  and modern designed handbags which results are achieved through laser cut fabrication.

“Pascal NU handbags feature unconventional materials like concrete and acrylic. Every bag has been designed from scratch and assembled with a hybrid of digital fabrication and traditional leather craft techniques. Most bags feature intricate hand lacing, fully lined leather interiors, and numbered acrylic hardware. All production operates in house and at limited quantities in order to break conventional constraints of mass production”, admits the brand.

But how did the idea of creating such intricate and detailed handbags come from? Devon Stonebrook, Pascal NU ‘s designer affirms her architecture studies have the fault:

“I began experimenting with handbag design while I was studying architecture at the University of Michigan where I used laser cutters to create pristine building models. I was inspired to adapt those model making techniques to create acrylic handbags, and for the last 6 years I’ve been honing in my leather craft and bag making skills. I officially launched Pascal NU in 2016 once I perfected the basic bag foundations and developed material innovations that would underpin the brand”.

pascal nu

Each Pascal NU is unique and exclusive, and in fact, the material the bags are made of is the key of Devon’s inspiration.

“The material is the building block that the structure of the bag serves to highlight. I approach bag designs by searching for ways to most embolden a rich color palette with emphasis on details that showcase texture and surface quality. Most color palettes are entirely monochrome which allows the bags to highlight the material subtleties and easily accent wardrobes”

Given Pascal Nu ‘s exclusiveness, the target audience is that which values art and craves originality. The brand aims to satisfy those who appreciate modern art objects and love detailed works of art.

In fact, most of their clients are their other client’s references that have been deeply satisfied with the brand’s art and designs. Pascal NU works with each piece separately to make a unique handbag for the customer to carry.

Pascal NU,  in the market since 2016, plans to expand and explore new tactics and materials. As Devon confesses:

I envision Pascal NU to grow as a hybrid of Judith Leiber and Iris Van Herpen; two brands that I deeply admire. Like those brands, Pacal NU will incorporate couture design work and push the envelope of innovation and specialized craft”.


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