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The customizable Gucci bag

The customizable Gucci bag

The Gucci personalization service allows you to create exclusive designs of the ‘Ophidea’ handbag. This new Gucci DIY programme is available exclusively online or with an in-store app in GucciWooster. The distinct alphabet letters can be applied to two sizes of the Ophidia tote bag, which features a background of the interlocking G pattern, a gold metal Double G, the green-red-green Web stripe and leather trim and handles.

The luxury sector is immersed in a process of expansion. Over time the consumer has become more demanding and the Internet revolution has caused these firms to offer added value. The democratization of luxury has increased the lack of exclusivity and many firms have contrasted the effect offering the client the possibility of participating in the creative process of the pieces.

The latest has been Gucci, which has launched a new personalization service in which customers can participate in the design of a series of products with which to obtain totally unique creations.

Practically since the appearance of high-end leather goods, customers could customize the pieces with their names on them. However, many firms have gone beyond the classic initial engraving on products. The new Gucci service also allows initials to be added, although with an appearance that modifies the design of both the ‘Ophidia’ bag and the ‘Ace’ sports bag. In addition, the personalization also offers the possibility of choosing the look of the letters, playing with a great variety of colors and materials.

The origins of the recording of initials in leather goods are found in classic firms such as Louis Vuitton or Goyard. From the beginning, both brands created the ideal travel accessories and offered the possibility of including the name to identify the luggage owner. Over time this need has become an added value for customers as they can alter the basic design and get another personal and exclusive.

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