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The Bucket Handbag everybody wears, spotted by Jean Austen 2 centuries ago

The Bucket Handbag everybody wears, spotted by Jean Austen 2 centuries ago

Maybe the surge of retro handbags may seem to belong to our mothers or grandmothers, but is has unleashed the fever for bucket handbags: sac type purses with thin and large straps with glossy textures and carefully decorated.


They are almost always jewel-designs, or at least, much more sophisticated than any other handbag. The reason why the bucket purse is a classic investment that can go well with denim jeans or jacket as Jeanette Madsen, big fan of bucket handbags, does with hers from Nunoo Bags.



In advance of nowadays trends, the Benett sisters from Pride and Prejudice could surely have posed for the best lookbook of the time. The continuos film adaptations are making that Jane Austen novels become a fashion reference 200 years later.





In the wide arrange of bucket handbags we can find for low cost prices, there are also some exquisite ones with first and middle names, such as the Lynton mini from Mulberry, Bonsai from Simon Miller or Gabrielle from Chanel.


In fact, it is one of the musts in celebrity closets from all over the world. For example, Jeanne Damas walks in the streets of Paris with her own creation, combining her Canadian tuxedo with Michael Vivien shoes, and retro sunglasses.

This handbag doesn’t not only let you combine your look perfectly, but also is an effective item if you are working a corporate job where you need is space, compartments, and a sturdy, comfortable handle. Check out this one from Zara!



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