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The Birkin bag with Bella Hadid’s face

Mohamed Hadid, Bella’s father, revolutionized social networks after publishing a photo of a Birkin bag that had painted, apparently, hand part of the face of his daughter.

The Magical Eye of Bella @bellahadid acrylic on python skin treated and varnished… #hadid #hadidart, wrote the businessman at the bottom of the image without mentioning the designer behind the curious bag.


This raised a lot of doubts and theories, some more accurate than others, of course. While some comment that it would be a gift from the employer for his daughter, others even say that a fan made it in honor of the model.

For its part, the portal Page Six detailed that it is a personalized bag, whose value could reach 44 thousand euros.

The author behind this curious accessory would be Candice Bergen, designer recognized for modifying bags of luxury brands.

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