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The Balenciaga Ville bag inspiration that you can find in Bershka

The Balenciaga Ville bag inspiration that you can find in Bershka

Bershka has been inspired by the famous Balenciaga bag and this is the result.

Balenciaga unleashed the madness this past spring and continues to do so this summer. We do not talk about his famous sports but one of his bags, with maxi logo of the brand included, which has also conquered Instagram. And like any garment or, in this case, viral bag has served as inspiration for other brands ‘low cost’. This is the case of Bershka and is that the firm now presents on its website a model that reminds us and much of the Balenciaga’s Ville model.


One of the most notable differences that it presents with the original is that there is no more variety of colors than black. In the case of Balenciaga this is available in various shades such as blue, green, red …. It also has different sizes and of course its logo is unmistakable. Its price in the XL version is 1,790 euros.


In the case of Bershka we find a black bag with the same shape and that reminds us a lot of Balenciaga except for its logo that reads ‘Revolution’. What they do not look like either is their price and it costs only 19.99 euros.


Bershka store


Two very similar but at the same time very different options that are already conquering the networks and that promise to continue to triumph this season. Which one do you prefer?


Link to Balenciaga’s bag: click here

Link to Bershka’s bag: click here

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