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The bag of the year is, without a doubt, the beaded one

Although the trends of autumn are still half-defined, at this point of the year there are three things that we have quite clear: first, that the cowboys as we knew them have died; second, that the pattern that is going to be a trend (and much) is leopard and, third, that the bag of the year is, without a doubt, the one with pearls and beaded.


Feminine and coquettish, this bag has been made even with the heart of the most expert in the industry. There is no girl that matters that she does not have it – Sabina Socol, María Bernad, Sara from @Collagevintage, Camille Charriere … – nor does she mark that she has not released her own version.
And it is that when you have been born to be viral, it is viral and POINT.


Summer in the city ☀️

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Loving these trousers 🌸 @ullajohnson #mystyle

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Its charm is evident, whether you like the classic design and vintage aesthetics of Shrimps or if you prefer the fun and colorful Susan Alexandra; the crush is inevitable. There is nothing in them that can throw us back when we get one, although if we had to put a ‘but’ (only one) that would be, no doubt, its price.

Because, really, we have to admit that they tend to be a tad expensive. Even the low cost versions cost more than any other bag more elegant, more arranged.

What explanation can we give to this high cost?

– They are super delicate.

– Its elaboration is hyper complex and, in many of the cases, they are even made by hand. In fact, Susan Alexandra’s bags, for example, need a minimum of 1 month to make them.

And, ultimately and above all, because they are very trendy and there is no doubt that this fall-winter will continue to be THE bag of the year.

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