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The bag of the season is worn LIKE THIS according to Kim Kardashian

If she made transparent shoes fashionable, she will also do it with THIS.


It was Kim Kardashian who was in charge of giving us another new avant-garde fashion lesson. And it has been, of course, as controversial as usual. Because if it’s the fault of the cyclist’s tights are back (and with heels), KK is the architect of the maxi mane has returned to our lives, that the matte lipstick have become our basic toilet and that the bodycon dresses still have a chance in our closet (pregnancy included). And, now also, in the new way we will carry the bag.


And with such a history behind him, it is not surprising that no one raised their eyebrows when the American businesswoman and socialite dares with new stylistic sentences of unexpected result. The last? A fanny pack larger than usual hanging from the neck and crossed under the arm. Or, to put it more simply: a cross-bag of all life, but raised to the height of the chest.

The gesture of style has generated reactions of all kinds, almost like when someone starts playing the electric guitar too high. It is comfortable? Is it aesthetic? What is certain is that it is new and only with this Kim already has half the battle won. In addition and in any case, everything points to that it is not a punctual look, since the celebrity has walked with another very similar bag a few hours later and placed in the same way. Are we facing a phenomenon similar to the one started with his famous plastic transparent shoes? Time will tell, but suddenly, it’s over to bring the bag to hip height. Kim has spoken.

Not only Kim, but her sister Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid seem to be wearing the fanny pack tight as a crossbody.


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