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The bag of the celebrities that you can’t buy in a store

The bag of the celebrities that you can’t buy in a store or online!

Oprah Winfrey took it to the British royal wedding and Anne Hathaway walks him around New York. Before that we had already seen Russian businesswoman and influencer Miroslava Duma (on countless occasions) and other Hollywood stars such as Dakota Fanning, Brie Larson or Greta Gerwig.



The sack-shaped bag that everyone has and many others want is signed by the Uruguayan-born designer Gabriela Hearst, an unknown name for the general public that is sounding with more and more strength thanks to its particular way of selling its famous accessory: It is only available upon request.

“In November of 2015, I was in the elevator of the [Hotel] Claridge’s and I saw a guy looking at my bag,” recalls the designer. “He asked me who I was and I answered that I had designed it myself, that it was a prototype. He told me: ‘If you do more, I would like to have one’, and he handed me his card. The guy was Jony Ive, Apple’s design boss. ” This anecdote, unlikely for the rest of mortals, encouraged the designer to create a limited edition of twenty units. “I did not make them to sell them, I just wanted to launch them. I gave them to my friends and to the women I work with. The woman who makes my shoes has it. And actress Brie Larson, too, “explained the designer to the US edition of Vogue.

The protagonist of Room wore the same week in which he won the Oscar and the requests were not long in coming: he had just born what they call it bag. Several stores contacted the designer to market it and she refused. You can not even buy online.

“If you really want the bag, you have to send an email,” he says.

Even to know the price of the different models it is necessary to fill in the form. A sales strategy that has brought attention and headlines: its waiting list has not stopped growing from 100 names to more than 1,500 requests.

The designer also has a line of prêt-à-porter and footwear that have led celebrities such as Emma Watson, Uma Thurman and Daisy Ridley in events and red carpets. The garments can be purchased in their online store or online luxury temples such as Net a porter. The true exclusivity is reserved for your bags. Although the brand can be found in several models, the ‘Nina’ is what they all look like and in which the designer herself has focused all her promotional efforts. The work of the painter Fernando Botero, his favorite artist, inspired her to create it. The finishes, colors and sizes in which the model is available are infinite and, despite not being cheap, cause a furor among those who can afford to invest the 1,700 euros that the original version costs or the 13,600 crushers who ask for one of crocodile .


The firm Gabriela Hearst is the married name of its creator, Gabriela Perezutti, and has been active since 2015. The designer was born in a Uruguayan cattle family and decided to try heir luck as a model to flee the countryside. Sge ended up in New York and now uses the merino wool produced in her Paysandú hacienda to manufacture her luxurious creations. Her clothes, very feminine but with a masculine point, has conquered great Hollywood personalities that can already be considered ambassadors and friends of the brand. Among all have achieved that the oval bag with short handle is everywhere and become, without logos, in recognizable symbol of the house. You just have to wait to discover your next best seller.

For more information, visit www.gabrielahearst.com

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