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Fendi Logomania Seems like Fendi is fighting with Gucci for logomania. There is no doubt that the best-known luxury design houses are in a constant race to reign in logomania. First, of course, there is the aforementioned Gucci, which since Alessandro Michele took the reins of creative

Peony Lim,  confessed fan of Goyard handbags Blogger, creative content producer and digital consultant, Peony Lim confesses to be another fan of Goyard handbags. Within her wide array of handbags, Peony Lim, from Chinese and English background, assures that choosing a favorite designer is like “choosing a

Fendi brings back logomania It seemed that the noiseless luxury had winnowed logomania out the face of the earth. However, the firm that has returned the trend of leaving their personal seal has been an unexpected brand, Fendi. Fendi’s logo implies a vintage caress that makes