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Scarf Bags

Scarf Bags

From Céline to Maison Margiela through The Row. The silk scarf bags meet all the requirements to become a success in the coming months.


When we saw a scarf bag with hobo silhouette among Phoebe Philo 2018 spring proposals we had something more than a crush, it was a hunch. Although these designs have always been there, her handkerchief-type XL version – or, at least, with that slouchy effect so characteristic – seemed too hippy to sneak into the arty and minimalist wardrobe of the typical Céline buyer. But there is nothing that fashion – and Philo, of course – can not cover with a skate of modernity and sophistication until it becomes highly desirable (and trendy) an accessory or an aesthetic that was not so much before.

Scarf Bag in Silk by Céline


The firm The Row, whose aesthetic universe moves between the boho and the minimal like fish in the water, created in its day its own version hobo in satin cloth, but also in leather and suede-a decline that last summer wore celebrities like Dakota Johnson and Rosie Huntington. And it is that the skin designs more similar to the handkerchief type, whose appearance is more winter and less seasonal than those of fluid and purely summer fabrics, have also seen the light in many of the signatures that we love: from Céline to Loewe, passing by Victoria Beckham and JW Anderson. Those made of polyester fabric, an intermediate option between leather and fabric, are also in Bimba and Lola in printed key and in MM6 Maison Margiela de aires sporty. The common denominator? They are usually soft, large and, in most cases, their shoulder handle is topped with a knot. When the latter occurs, its shape is apparently so simple that it seems that it could be the fruit of a DIY … Nothing could be further from the truth.

In addition to its ethnic essence and the 2000 effect, there is a clear reference to the Japanese bags Azuma Bukuro or traditionally called furoshiki. They are made from a handkerchief – also known as origami bags – and their pattern is very similar to that of the hobo. The previously mentioned polyester model of Maison Margiela owes its name, Japanese, to this clear Japanese inspiration that characterizes the brand since its inception.

With the new obsession with utilitarian bags of effortless essence – net bags or transparent plastic bags, children’s tent cloths, ‘souvenir’ … -, the rise of scarf bags as a star accessory in all its declensions, the trend to the extremes in terms of the dimensions of the accessories and the new minimal boho of Jacquemus adopted by all the high street stores, we would not be surprised if the hobo bags were a success in the coming months, at least, among the ‘fashion insiders’ ‘ It’s as light as a handkerchief, as broad as a backpack and as comfortable as a shoulder bag: all the requisites a purse needs to become the summer bag, right?

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