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RILEY VERSA, One Bag Can Have It All

Riley Versa is a line of bags created by Melissa, who grew up in New York City working in fashion PR and interning at Saks Fifth Avenue and Condé Nast’s W Magazine. In the late 2015 she founded the handbag’s brand Riley Versa, a line of bags created with the idea that one bag really can have it all. Riley Versa’s interchangeable magnetic covers allow you to be boldly VERSA-tile with your fashion choices at all times. By switching the exterior of your bag, you can transform it into a completely new bag in seconds!




B.: How did you come up with the idea of creating Riley Versa?

R.V.: Out of a personal need for the product! I went on vacation and packed a bright patterned bag and realized when I arrived it clashed with everything else I had packed. I only brought a carry-on, so couldn’t have fit two bags in my suitcase anyway! That’s when the idea for one base bag with interchangeable (easy to pack) covers came to me.


Riley Versa is different from other brands as it’s the only bag you’ll ever need! We are constantly releasing new, fashion-forward covers, so once you purchase a base bag the possibilities are endless.



It also allows you to stay organized. Instead of having to switch bags and inevitably leave a credit card in one bag and a key in another, you can leave all of your belongings in one bag.

B.: What influences does Riley Versa have? Where does Riley Versa get its inspiration from?

R.V.: I get inspiration for Riley Versa from so many different places, but the inspiration for what I’m currently working on came from a trip to Mexico City. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend making it your next trip!


Part of the beauty of Riley Versa is there is something for everyone. Our bags hit a number of different price points, and the covers come in a huge range of different styles so everyone can find their perfect match.



B.: What expectations does Riley Versa have towards the future?

We focus on small quantities of high quality pieces so everything is individualized. When a cover sells out, it is done. In that vein, you can except some fun, limited edition collaborations.


B.: Where does Riley Versa have its greater number of customers?

We are a New York brand, so many of our customer’s are New York based, but we have customer’s all over the globe.

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