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Next viral fanny pack fits in the palm of your hand

The designer Riccardo Tisci has reinvented the fanny pack in his first fashion show as creative director of Burberry. 

The fanny packs have become the bag of busy women. As explained by Judi James, an expert in body language and author of The Bible of Body Language, in an interview with Fashion, of all the accessories that a woman wears, the bag is one of the most talked about her way of being. The extroverts prefer the large ones, the shy choose to wear it on the shoulder -to protect against the rest- and the busiest choose designs that allow them to have their hands free. A reason that would explain why, for several seasons now, the fanny packs are not missing on the catwalk.

Karl Lagerfeld was one of the first to make it a must-have for airport looks by including it in Chanel’s fall-winter 2018 fashion show; Bella Hadid innovated during the Paris Fashion Week by choosing a Louis Vuitton design that, despite being tied at the waist, had a second hook on the thigh, a feature that earned her the nickname of thigh bag. Now it has been Riccardo Tisci who has reinvented this accessory by proposing it in a mini key in his first fashion show as creative director of Burberry.


Kendall Jenner has been commissioned to walk on the catwalk with a design that, practically, went unnoticed. The model wore a total beige look composed of a set of blouse, pants, trench and matching booties. And, tight to her waist, one of the smallest fanny packs we could imagine. This proposal, which is not too clear that fits a smartphone, could be designed to house inside cards, coins or bills and become the solution for all those who carry the phone in your hand -so it is easier to consult and Take pictures – but they need to keep the money or their keys. In case this storage space is too short, the designer also proposes to carry a bag in his hand. A flap design, but without a chain in which to keep the rest of essentials that usually accompany a woman in her day to day.



Tisci has also shown fanny packs of more conventional sizes. Models that camouflaged with the trench -one of the signature pieces of the firm-, surrounded the waist supported by chains and even accessories in sports key designed for men, because in the fashion show of the designer presented proposals for both sexes.