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Neither crossed nor at hand: the bag is worn at the waist

The fashion girls have spoken (through their outfits) and the vast majority of them agree on something: the bags are worn hanging from the waist. First were the backpacks, later came the madness of the fanny packs and now the (small) bags merge with the belts. In this way, we have sighted a new trend that is sweeping the Fashion Weeks. Do you know what we are talking about?

They are not fanny packs, they are bags with a belt
The difference is almost minuscule, but the truth is that this type of bags are differentiated from the fanny packs and the belt is the key to everything (it is separated from the bag itself).



Box type, bucket or baguette, all models are welcome when it comes to distilling style in abundance. Fashion insiders have not hesitated to add this “trend” to their daily style and the Fashion Weeks have become the best scenario to show how to wear it.



Above the blazer, as a belt or to give a different touch to a simple dress. This complement adapts to all styles and unquestionably becomes the protagonist.


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