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Nasire: the two worlds among Marrakech and Zurich

Since 2016 Nasire is joining two worlds with Zurich as the cradle of design and Marrakech as the center of production. Powerful, clear lines not only represent the design but also reflect Marrakech’s architecture. It is architecture, unlike fashion, that outlives short-term trends and this is why the classic and minimalist pieces are striving to take after architecture to outlive generations.


Architecture and its sharp lines are not only source of inspiration regarding the design. Nasire aspires to share the same architectural vision when it comes to longevity. To live up to it, the carefully selected materials are being transformed into our pieces through elaborate craftsmanship.

How did you come up with the idea of creating Nasire?
When travelling the first time to Morocco and being inspired by all this collours and warm vibes and century old craftmanship. We wanted to travel more and come back!

XL Tote @Nasirebags Instagram

In what is Nasire different from other brands?
In not working in seasons, but creating timeless, simple and perfect pieces! We believe in longevity and see our brand more connected to architecture and design then fashion.
Morocco’s warm and vibrant vibes and colours and Switzerland clean and straight lines clash together influence us.

Essentials pouch in light grey and travel pouch in black @Nasirebags Instagram

Towards what public are Nasire’s handbags aimed?
Modern nomands. People with great sense for aestethics, traveling a lot and believing in simplicity. People that believe in adventure and a connected world. People that believe in freedom and the exchange of cultures.
What expectations does Nasire have towards the future?
We just opened our first flaghsip store in Marrakech and will open more stores in other upcoming cities and countries, focusing on customer experience and also exhibiting and selling other brands and regularly doing collabs. We believe in the new world and the future and do not aim to run behind the fashion world and try to get expensive stores in the “important” cities – the world is moving and changing fast.
Where does Nasire have its greater number of customers?
As for the moment we sell mostly in Morocco (to tourists from all over the world) and in Switzerland. The US and other European countries like Italy or Germany are strongly growing. Asia to come soon.