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Nadia Studio minimal and aesthetic handbags created in Glasgow

Nadia Studio, minimal and aesthetic handbags created in Glasgow

Nadia Studio aims to create contemporary, conceptual, but equally as functional handbags for people not afraid of experimenting with their style.

Nadia Studio ensures these values are upheld by working closely with their suppliers to pick the best materials for their products.


Nadia always knew she needed a way of expressing her ideas she had rolling inside her head. So once she graduated from Fashion at University she started designing in a slow process.

“It started with one design idea for a bag that I knew I had to see through to realisation and then came another and several more after that. After making a few prototypes, it became clear that this was a way that I could both express and challenge myself within the engineering of a bag and it’s aesthetic”

The handbags are carefully manufactured. They work closely with their suppliers to pick the best materials, the choice of fabrics and finding the perfect pantone shade.

“We also embrace small scale production, adopting a Slow Luxury model that is deliberate and sustainable. In turn, this means our customers know they have something that isn’t mass produced, not readily available and is truly unique. Aesthetically, we draw upon a mixture of Eastern and Western influences that underpin our design process”, adds Nadia.


Based in the UK, Nadia Studio gets their ideas from a mix of ethnics the owner comes from.

My grandparents on my mum’s side were originally from a small village in India before moving to Pakistan and then on to Scotland”

And that is primarly what influences her designs. Nadia admits:

“Through establishing my brand I have re-examined my heritage and the pop culture that goes along with this. It has resulted in an affinity for old, glitchy Bollywood films as well as the bright south Asian colour pallete. I enjoy re-imagining these things in a way that feels relevant to me and to the place I have spent the majority of my life – Glasgow”


But, for the future, what does Nadia Studio expect? Being such a new brand, the only thing they can think of if expanding.

Expanding our product breadth and depth is at the top of our list as well as gaining new stockists and raising brand awareness outwith the UK, focusing on Europe, US and Australia”

Such a promising brand, full of loads of ideas.


Now taking pre-orders for their new AW18 collection with 20% off.

0718 evening bags: £150

For pre-orders email: info@nadia-studio.co.uk



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