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Mini Bags we love

Mini Bags we love

In them there is little space and they are not particularly comfortable, but the limited list of advantages of a mini bag still compensates us.

According to the results of a study carried out in 2013, if a bag weighs more than a kilogram, it can, in the long run, damage the structure of the bones. And how many women could say without error that the bag they usually carry weighs less than a kilo? Well, we infer that few or almost none. In fact, 90% carry their life on their backs every day.

Mini Bags

We do not know if the most prominent influencers know about the results of this research, but for a time now, all or almost all have decided to abandon those bags of stratospheric dimensions where, in theory, almost anything fits to embrace mini models in which to fit something, it would be a lipstick.

So continue to read the reasons why we love mini bags:

1. They weigh a LOT less

Do you remember that comforting feeling of walking lightly? Do you remember that of carrying a bag and that it does not leave a mark on your shoulder that is on its way to being a tattoo (and not ephemeral precisely)?

If you carry a mini bag you will not mind having to walk more or you will be so annoyed by the damn traffic noise. The days will become lighter and you will feel that way.


2. They have infinite possibilities (placement)

Over the shoulder, as a bandolier, in the hand or even tied to the belt. Being so small can “camouflage” almost anywhere and therefore we can play with them until we get bored, which will be quite late.


3. In them it fits just what needed

We already noted it in previous lines, the only thing we really need is our red lipstick (yes, we are exaggerating), and what lipstick does not fit in a bag, however small it may be? And now is when someone will ask: “and what about the mobile?” And we will answer: “who the hell does not carry the phone in his hand?”


4. They are small treasures

For some strange reason, we tend to give them more value than they actually have. Is it because they are mini? Is it because the great majority treasure jewelry or metallic materials? The case that we take care of them and treat them as such.

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