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Meet the Classic Bags

Meet the Classic Bags

Although each season they tempt our senses with renewed models, there are a few that always remain in our subconscious: there are 8 classic and eternal bags, those that we always want, in many cases because they exist before us.

We talk about the 2.55, the Birkin, the Bamboo, the Baguette … classics bags and names that we recognize instantly, without adding any more details, whose silhouettes we can draw in the air with our eyes closed. 9 bags, 9 jewels that, like a diamond, are forever.

2.55, Chanel

channel Classic Bags
It is, without a doubt, the most emblematic model of the “maison”. Created in February 1955 – hence its name – this bag that today has so many passions was designed by Coco Chanel to free women from the slavery of handbags. Inspired by the bags worn by the soldiers, the designer incorporated a chain of metallic links and interlaced skin that has become a symbol of her signature.

Classic Bags

As for the rest of the design, it is a matelassé box with a burgundy lining -the color of the uniform that Coco wore in the orphanage-, and three practical bellows pockets: two wider at the ends and one smaller at the ends. center for the lipstick. It also has a double closing flap and has the iconic “double C” on the inside.

Since its creation, numerous versions of the Chanel 2.55 have been made varying its materials, fabrics, colors and sizes; like the adaptation by Karl Lagerfeld of the “double C” by way of closure in the 80s and its version in backpack or fanny pack. A true collector’s piece and for which 18 hours of work are needed. Its price? From 3,550 euros.

Kelly, Hermes

kelly hermes Classic Bag
Created in 1937 by Robert Dumas, it is one of the most legendary handbags of the fashion house. And although at that time the clutch was the most popular, Dumas designed it with the intention of breaking the hegemony of small bags and converting its functionality into a symbol of the independent woman.

Although his real success did not come until 1956, when Grace Kelly used it to cover his incipient pregnancy before the photographers, thus leaving a snapshot that would turn the bag into a global icon.

Classic Bags

Made by hand using the same traditional techniques of saddle design, its characteristic trapezoidal shape, its rigid base, the tapes that are in the central metal lock, the padlock and the Clochette – the piece of leather that protects the key -, they have turned it into an emblem of quality. A great craft work that needs more than 20 hours of work.

Since its inception, the Kelly has reinvented itself every season highlighting the use of different types of skins and the incorporation in 2004 by Jean Paul Gaultier, then creative director of the French house, Shoulder Kelly, a design with a long handle. Its price? From 4,500 euros.

Birkin, Hermes

created in 1984 by Louis Dumas, who is considered as the little brother of the Kelly takes its name from the British actress and singer Jane Birkin. As they say, the idea of ​​this design is born of a fortuitous encounter between the actress and the then President of Hermès during a flight in 1983, in which after the complaint of the actress of the little space available in his purse, Dumas promised the confection of a model at your height. And that he did. The result? A tote bag, with a double short handle and a golden closure. A unique design whose acquisition is not up to anyone. And is that to be able to get one you have to sign up for a long waiting list. Its price? From 6,750 to 100,000 euros.

Speedy, Louis Vuitton

speedy Classic Bags

Although it was designed in the 20s, this iconic bag did not see the light in the market until 1933. Created to become a basic off-road, practical and functional, the Speedy was conceived as the small brother of the iconic Keepall bag . Originally baptized as Express -referring to changes in the lifestyle of the time-, it was later nicknamed Vernett; although it was finally with the name Speedy as it became popular.

Made of highly resistant and waterproof flexible leather, its first version was stamped with the canvas Damier -the mythical checkerboard of Vuitton-, although later it would be replaced by the Monogram of intertwined initials that, to this day, is the hallmark of the “maison” ” With a short semi-rigid handle and a gold padlock, the Speedy’s design has evolved over the years, varying in size but without losing its essence on the road.

In 1965, Audrey Hepburn commissioned a smaller version of this design. Since then, the Speedy 25 became the actress’s fetish bag. Its price? From 660 euros.


Bamboo, Gucci

bamboo gucci

Due to the dictatorship and the scarcity of resources generated during the Second World War, the luxury leather goods house had to reinvent itself and use its imagination to keep afloat. As it happened to other Italian brands, they had to put aside the leather and bet on new materials.

In this sense, in 1947, Gucci designed the Bamboo bag, a model made of wild boar skin -an emblematic animal from Florence-, which gave it an exotic touch by adding a short bamboo handle imported directly from Japan.

The design immediately fell in love with its loyal customers and today, 70 years later, it is still an emblem of the firm, present in all its new collections although with numerous modifications more adapted to the trends and needs of the current sector. Its price? From 1,900 euros.

Lady Dior, Dior

Originally baptized as Chouchou, this model of the Maison created in 1995 reached its greatest popularity when Bernadette Chirac, wife of former French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac, decided to surprise Princess Diana of Wales with a small detail: a flirty bag, with a short handle and with the name of the signature as charms.

diana Classic Bags

The crush was instantaneous, so much that Lady Di did not hesitate to show off much of his public appearances which meant that the bag became a sales success. Since then, the firm renamed the piece as Lady Dior, making it one of Dior’s most charismatic accessories. Currently, it has numerous versions made of metallic leather, frayed tweed, lamb or python. Its price? From 1,000 euros.

Baguette, Fendi

fendi Classic Bags

Created in 1997 by Silvia Venturini Fendi (daughter of the founders), it is one of the most popular bags of the Italian firm. Elongated, flap closure and short handle designed to be carried under the arm-making reference to the famous French loaf of bread-this iconic model has been re-turned into more than 1,000 occasions.

Reference bag in the 90s thanks to its numerous appearances in the series Sex in New York, can be found in skin, earth tones and fluorine, with applications and even hair. Its price? From 1,200 euros.

Galleria, Prada


The Prada Galleria, baptized this way to pay tribute to the first store of the firm opened in Milan in 1913, can boast of climbing popularity positions since its preparation in 2007 due to its saffiano skin.


Miss Sicily, Dolce & Gabbana

Much of the secret of building an icon is to look back to explore the past. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana looked at the old briefcases used by doctors to replicate the square lines in the Miss Sicily, a bag with a marked retro character but coherent with today’s trends. The different versions in quilted leather, snake, and even crochet, demonstrate the versatility of a model that is already part of the classics of the Italian firm.

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