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Interview to Loes Vrij

Loes Vrij is a Dutch fashion designer, based in Amsterdam. In 2012, after having worked as a lawyer for many years, she decided to take her passion for design to a more professional level.

Loes launched a new bag concept, combining form & functionality in an unexpected way. This resulted in her first bag named ‘Glorious Gun’ ; a little wrap around clutch with a powerful and elegant look, holding secret features on the inside that organize all essentials. The Glorious Gun bag was developed in close collaboration with an Italian leathercraft ‘laboratorio’ in Florence, Italy.

The following seasons Loes introduced new styles, based on the same principles of originality, eye for detail, high quality and Italian craftsmanship.


LOES VRIJ bags stand out by their original and distinctive designs, strong lines, eyestriking colours and the use of materials of exceptional quality.

All bags are handcrafted in Italy and have a rock-chic air about them that make them classic and highly fashionable at the same time.



Loes finds her inspiration in the world around her, specifically in 3D shapes with strong simple lines from various areas of art like sculpting, painting, dressmaking and of course bagmaking. Furthermore she draws inspiration out of the materials themselves that she uses for her bags.


LOES VRIJ aims to target a broad female audience , because LOES VRIJ bags can be worn in a youthful way, a classic way, a trendy way, a rock-chic way .


Below a picture of blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing their first Glorious Gun bag in Paris:

LOES VRIJ bags aim to last a lifetime ad more and so is her strategy for the future.  Growing in a responsable and solid way by adding new styles whenever they are ready, whilst keeping the styles before in the collection. LOES will be adding more product groups to her brand like silk scarfs and high quality brass jewlery in the near future.


You can find their designs all over the world with a focus on Europe and China.

Official Web: https://www.loesvrij.com/

Lookbook: https://www.loesvrij.com/lookbook/ 

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