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Likapa: hints of tradition with fantasy

Likapa is a brand designed and created by Hazal Kurtulus, a Turkish designer whose education was divided among Turkey, Italy and Japan.

The brand merges the innovation of a unique, contemporary and unconventional design with the use of a mix of techniques and materials, which range from ancient tradition to bold experimentation.  Likapa produces using a mixture of materials, preferring natural and biodegradable fabrics and substances  but joining them with synthetic elements if functional to  the concept of the single collection. Contrasts of materials, colors and sensations. Curvy and unconventional lines.


Hints of tradition with fantasy contaminations. Impurity made dogma.  100% handmade.



B.: How did you come up with the idea of creating Likapa?

Since I was a child I have always loved the idea of mixing up cultures and styles. I was spending my summer holidays in a fish farm in İzmir, Turkey. I remember I liked to speak with the visitors from all over the world, some of which that had the opportunity to travel a lot in their lives. They were telling me about how different the food, clothing, language and everything was in India, or in Italy, or in France, or in Africa and I was dreaming about traveling around the world myself one day. Growing up I understood that I liked the design so I decided to try to be a designer. Studying product design in Turkey I realized I was more interested in accessories that industrial products, so I went to Italy to study Fashion Design in Milan. In the meantime, I had the chance to go also to Japan, at Kyoto University of Art & Design, where I could deepen Japanese culture. The idea of creating the brand Likapa was born from those different experiences revolving around design. I took something from Turkish culture, some other things from Italian style, some other features from Japanese philosophy and I decided to create my first accessories collection, which is called Design Through Haiku.

B.: In what is Likapa different from other brands?

In my humble opinion in the fashion industry, most people are followers. When something is trendy then every brand more or less starts to produce the same product. The fashion market is missing niche brand and niche products. I think Likapa has its independent idea, so it can provide a little more sense than the same old industrial products. Everything Likapa does is handmade and has its own meaning.

Every piece has a story to tell.



B.: What influences does Likapa have? Where does Likapa get its inspiration from?

Likapa has influence from my life experience, I think. For sure the different culture of Turkey, Italy, and Japan had an impact on how the pieces are imagined, designed and produced. Every collection has its own concept, so if we take Design Through Haiku the strongest influence comes for sure from the Japanese culture, tradition, and philosophy.


Likapa’s handbags are aimed at people who want to stay a little bit out of the classic fashion styles. In some way, people who like to be pointed out from the crowd because they are different than anyone else. People who have bold taste, but still want to be elegant.


B.: What expectations does Likapa have towards the future?
Likapa will continue to mix up styles and cultures. I wish I will be able to keep finding new materials and new production techniques because in this way the creation can be really original and unique.

B.: Where does Likapa have its greater number of customers?
Since I am living in Italy, generally the customers come from here, and especially from the town where I live (Vicenza, near Venice) because the people have the possibility to see Likapa’s products in person. Seeing the accessories in person, touching them, is much different than seeing only the pictures from a website. However, I hope in the future I will be able to be more present also in other countries.



Visit Likapa web here

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