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Lady Gaga wore it first and is becoming the new ‘IT BAG’

The American singer wore a bag that you will need to have.
In fashion, celebrities have an amazing power much like the myth of King Midas, everything they touch becomes gold. We have proven it with hundreds of emerging brands, when celebs or royals are seen wearing one of their pieces, immediately the public’s interest is aroused and they become objects of desire.

This happened during the last Pride parade in New York City, when surprisingly the American singer Lady Gaga appeared with original blue jeans with multicolored straps and an orange bag of a brand then unknown by all.


It was the Hortensia bag of the Dutch cult brand Wandler. For its practical size, versatile strap and bright color, it was chosen by Lady Gaga to complement her look for the Gay Pride March.

This brand of leather bags ‘Made in Italy’ was founded just last year by the Dutch Elza Wandler. The designer took many years of preparation, learning and research, to find the right materials and to devise the perfect design to conceive a bag that would materialize her concept of modern femininity.


In a very short time, the Hortensia model, Wandler’s flagship bag, has become one of the most coveted street style pieces in New York, Milan and Paris. We have no doubt that this bag is destined to become the new it bag next season, and under warning there is no deception.



This emerging brand still has no physical stores, but you can get a Wandler bag through its website and online platforms specializing in luxury fashion. Do not stay behind, and get yours before they run out (literally).


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