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Kofta handbags, another type of art

Kofta handbags, another type of art

Hands, feet, insects, are some of the nature-sourced elements which define a series of handbags , each unexpected in its anatomical accuracy and realism made by Kofta handbags.

Kiev-based Konstantin Kofta makes leather bags and accessories that mimic human anatomy, sometimes making it look like there are hands clutching at the wearer, sometimes looking like the wearer’s skin has been flayed and used to make the bags.

When asked where they get their inspiration from they insist everything comes “organically, for us the bad was never a mere accessory, but a form of art”. And it is true. Whenever we see Kofta handbags we can see the reminisce of “urban, nature, architecture, artificial sound and a great amount of other things”, as they say.

Kofta handbags combine seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional canons of the fashion industry, with garments and wearable accessories that evoke sensuality and surrealism while maintaining practicality.

“We are more focused on the final product, design, comfort and quality. We enjoy public who value our art”. And that is what they transmit as you can clearly see it is a mélange of imagery and allegory; fusion of raw contemplations, tameless nature, deep forests, timeworn buildings and ancient architecture made into a wearable item.

Having its major public in Europe, North America and East Asia, Kofta handbags are definitely not made for everybody, but they insist their career is surely an “exciting experiment” they are willing to enjoy.



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