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Kiniria, functionality and timeless handbags made in Spain

Kiniria bags are designed and handcrafted in their atelier in both Barcelona and Granada (Spain). Each piece is made one by one, with attention to detail, quality finishings and a careful selection of materials.

We love handmade and slow processes.


When asking Eva Amat, the creative soul of Kiniria, about the brand, she admits:

Kiniria was born in 2010 of my passion for craftsmanship and the warmth of the skin as a material. With a background in Environmental Sciences, I decided to make a change in my life and dedicate myself fully to what really fascinated me: creation with my own hands. In my parents’ house there was always and there is a passion for manual work. Although both are retired school teachers, my mother sews to perfection machine and my father was always fond of carpentry.



“Kiniria is not just a brand of handbags, it’s a different way of thinking and living”


All of their pieces are made one by one giving great importance to the details, quality finishes and a careful selection of materials. All of their products are designed and produced by hand in in Barcelona and Granada.

Eva Amat says: We love the handmade and the slow processes. Our parts are designed and manufactured to last over time. We create products with “unique spirit” trying to escape from mass production and consumption systems. The skins we use are mostly Spanish from food consumption. Both these and the trimmings are purchased from local suppliers. Simplicity, functionality and timelessness are the three basic components of our designs and the words that inspire us.



Our creations are designed for a contemporary and natural woman and man looking for essential and comfortable pieces. People who observe beauty in simplicity.



When asked about the future, Kiniria’s expectation is to improve their products and to be faithful to the following philosophy and way of thinking: to continue designing and producing products with “unique spirit”.

Limited editions, we do not believe in mass production.

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