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Kendall Jenner launches a message with her latest bag

Although Kendall Jenner is possibly the most discreet of the Kardashian sisters in terms of the exhibition of her private life, occasionally she shares with her followers small details about her day to day life that go beyond the images of campaigns, parades or parties that are repeated in your Instagram profile. The latest discovery that has caught the attention of the best paid model in the world and that has wanted to share with its massive legion of followers has to do with fashion, but not as you imagine. It is a bag with a message that, although we do not know if it belongs to the closet of the top (although it has a design very similar to yours), has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of Jenner. It was during a photo session in which he shared protagonism with his sister Kylie Jenner, when he has published a story in which you can see this unusual accessory whose message we do not know if it has a recipient.

“Bore me more” is the ironic message that stamps the bag of Kendall Jenner and to whom he has dedicated a story on his Instagram account. With capital letters in red, white polka dot print on a dark background and with a short leather handle, this is a classic design if it were not for its message, which could refer to the viral meme of “Tell Me More” (Tell me more), in which different situations were represented with people fed up with listening to their interlocutor. At the moment, Kendall, who remains faithful to his fanny-style handbags or the mini designs with which he completes most of his street looks, has not incorporated this proposal into his outfits, but it would not be the first time that the models – aware of the attention they receive – they use their looks to launch subtle messages, and if not, they tell Gigi Hadid and her jewel bag with anti-hater message included.


A bag that nobody would want to receive as a gift and with which Kendall reminds us that he has not lost the sense of humor typical of the Kardashian, represented above all by Khloe and his sarcastic comments. The signature to which this design belongs is unknown, although the fuzzy print looks similar to Louis Vuitton’s iconic cross-letter pattern, and if so, it could be an exclusive design, but just dive a bit on the Internet to find handbag proposals with the same message in more informal tote bag formats.

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