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KARTU is a brand born in Lithuania, with a Nordic design leather handbags introducing a minimalist alternative to natural leather accessories.

Timeless, but created applying modern design tendencies kARTu handbags are for personalities living to the city rhythm and style.


We interview the designer of KARTU Studio, Ingrida Jasinske:

B.: How did you come up with the idea of creating Kartu Studio?

I.: Well, I was interested in handbags as long as I can remember myself. It’s a very special, personal, unique accessory that tells a lot about a woman that owns it. At the time I created “kARTu” it was a very poor selection of handbags in Lithuania and that was my biggest stimulus. I couldn’t choose one for myself because everything seemed dull, same classic shapes season after season. Unusual forms, design solutions and colour combinations that go hand in hand with quality and durability – that’s what I was looking for. It took time, but I got rid of all the fears and decided to risk it, launch a brand myself. First model was born at 2014. It was far from the bags that I was imagining to create, but that was a start. It actually was a success, women loved it, it sold out in just a few days. Then I started thinking, maybe this decision was right, maybe I am going the right way. Today, as “kARTu” just keeps growing, I can’t be happier about that impulsive decision I made four years ago.

B.: In what is Kartu Studio different from other brands?
I.: Every brand has its own kind of personality, “kARTu” is no exception. But at the same time, we try to be versatile. I often hear a question “What kind of person do you design for?”.

we create for every woman or man and I think that’s our strenght

Talking about the process and materials, we only use highest quality leather from Italy which is specially prepared for “kARTu” collections planning upfront. Every single bag is precisely handmade. Our main values are quality, durability and functionality which are then proportioned with modern design yet contemporary trends. Also, at studio “kARTu” we offer possibility to create an individual handbag. Any of ours models are available to order in more than 100 different colours and types of leather.


“kARTu” is a socially responsible brand, we care about the environment and its natural materials which are used up to 100% during the creative process. We aim to raise awareness about responsible fashion and environmentally friendly choice.


B.: What influences does Kartu Studio have? Where does Kartu Studio get its inspiration from?
I.: Influences come each and every day, by little discoveries, by people, by the beloved city Kaunas which is still able to surprise me day by day. Also, traveling does a big impact on the future collections. When traveling I tend to get inspired by various cultures, colours, sounds, atmosphere in general so it naturally reflects in the creative process. I do love biggest super cities in the world, that restless energy. Modern architecture and magnificent skyscrapers excite me. World centers, where people become the most important connecting elements. So all in all those sources of inspiration are endless, it can be anywhere, you just have to be vigilant, see, hear and feel.

B.: Towards what public are Kartu Studio’s handbags aimed?
I.: As I mentioned before, kARTu handbags are designed for any woman or man, there are various models to choose from depending on personalities and different priorities. But if I would have to describe, timeless, but created applying modern design tendencies kARTu handbags are for personalities living to the city rhythm and style.  It’s for someone who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, for someone who likes to experiment with their personal style. It’s usually women or men that supports local designers and values quality.

B.: What expectations does Kartu Studio have towards the future?
I.: Those four years after “kARTu” was born just flew by. As I turn around it’s hard to believe how much the brand has changed, in a good way. kARTu team is currently focusing on working with foreign markets and shopping platforms. We are well known in Baltic countries but we aim to be more recognizable in Scandinavia. We are glad to have great partners in Japan market, we’ve been welcomed there very warmly. All in all, we’re heading towards expanding our business relations beyond the Baltic countries.

B.: Where does Kartu Studio have its greater number of customers?
I.: The main base of our customers is Lithuania, but we do get a lot of orders from Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, USA, Canada.


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