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ISALDA: Contemporary Artwork

Isalda is a Spanish brand based in Madrid founded in 2016 by Isabel Fernández Lanza. Formed by the Instituto Europeo di Design as a designer, she specializes in leather goods by the Loewe Foundation and she has extensive national and international experience in the fashion industry. Its main source of inspiration is contemporary art in all its forms.

Isabel recovers the Spanish leather goods tradition with a modern sensibility, creating unique and very special pieces for the contemporary customers. An original aesthetic focus on volume, color and silhouettes defines the universe that the founder has created for the brand. Isalda is modern, architectural, poetic and pure.



We interview Isabel Fernández Lanza at Bagazine to deepen into her vision of contemporary artwork.

B.: How did you come up with the idea of creating your bag collection?
I.: The idea came up in 2014 when I started experimenting by making bags of a multicolored biodegradable material that I sewed by hand. People started asking about them and encouraged me to continue. In 2016 I launched the brand with the same range of colorful volumes, but this time in leather and working with local artisans.
I like to think that Isalda is innovative, but it also claims a value for the Spanish leather goods tradition.

B.: In which way is Isalda different from other brands?

I.: Honesty I don’t ask myself this question. I think that at this time in Spain there are many designers who choose leather as material and craftsmanship as a manufacturing model.

What makes Isalda different from others is my commitment to experiment with volumes and lines from a minimal perspective. The collection is composed of completely original patterns, creating unique and timeless pieces.

B.: What is your source of inspiration? Where do you get the references that are in your designs?

I.: Everything begins with folding a paper, or discovering an artist and his work or observing a vintage bag and its perfect construction. I can find inspiration in almost everything I do every day – a film, an exhibition, technology, a sculpture, a building, a sentence in a book. You never know, suddenly something inspires me and this is the source of something new.


B.: Which are your core customers?

I.: I think that Isalda connects with people who are looking for a high-quality accessory that is respecting both traditions and environment, caring about the origin of materials and the process of production. As I met a great demand from men I have introduced the possibility of a silver finish, making them more unisex.


B.: Let’s talk about the future.

I.: My fundamental goal is to create luxury products, caring about the environment at the same time. This is why I am exploring the possibility to introduce ecological leather for my next collections and bring them to the international market.

I would like to expand the range of products such as scarves, glasses, jewelry and maybe perfume. As well I would like to collaborate with designers from other disciplines and create exclusive limited editions.



ISALDA has its main public in Scandinavia and Asia, with Korea, Japan and China at the top, as well as America.

You can find her artistic designs in this online shop, by clicking here.



Images credits: Guillermo Sola, Carolina de Vera, Maria Granda