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If you liked the transparent bag, you will love the transparent suitcase

Virgil Abloh collaborates with Rimowa to create the latest extravagance of fashion (and travel)

The world is divided into two types of people: those who like transparent bags, and those who do not. This is a trend that this season has returned quite strongly, thanks to designs such as the Shirley model, from the firm Staud -which is really an invisible layer that wraps the real bag-, or Céline’s plastic bag, as well as a bag shopper and a travel bag in semitransparent orange PVC Off-White that seemed to anticipate the issue at hand. A fashion that has been much easier for us to assimilate after the success of accessories such as the net bag, the jelly bag or the wooden bag popularized by Cult Gaia, which, although not properly made of plastic, do allow the rest of people can see what we have inside.

Returning to the premise that opens this article, either you are one of those who happily join the trend, or those who think that privacy comes first and that, indeed, also includes what we carry inside the bag. If you are of the second, it is not necessary to continue reading, because it is more than likely that what comes next does not interest you (or even indign a bit). Virgil Abloh, creator of Off-White, the favorite signature of the tops of the moment, and creative director of the menswear line of Louis Vuitton has arrived with a new eccentricity that promises to fall in love once more with the fashion world.


On this occasion, Abloh joins the popular luggage brand Rimowa to create the luggage that will probably fight all the girls who travel to the fashion weeks. The travel firm is a regular collaborating with other designers to customize their suitcases, being its last (and successful) collection elaborated by Supreme. However, it is possible that neither this nor any other brand has seen to date a suitcase like the one designed by Virgil Abloh. Yes, it is totally transparent.



As the designer himself explained to Business of Fashion about the reason why he has opted for total transparency, “it’s like the 3.0 of personalization. It’s not just putting your initials, but allowing another layer to come into play. There is an emotional component in having the suitcase and you become an art performance just to use it. It’s like putting your belongings on display and rethinking the premise of a product. ” The truth is that, however extravagant it may be, it does not seem strange to think that some student of fashion, of those who dare with everything and travel incessantly – perhaps Chiara Ferragni or Anna Dello Russo? – will soon be done with a. For the moment, we see a clear virtue over the normal suitcases: you will instantly recognize it in the airport carousel.


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