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What if the coolest beach bag is from IKEA?

In theory, it serves to store blankets

If there is a viral model in what bags this year, that is undoubtedly the wicker basket. All or almost all the brands have presented their versions of it, and although there are so many to get lost, the IKEA proposal was missing, which by force would have to be not only the most original but the most functional.

If the coolest beach bag is from IKEA?

Fladis is a basket of sea rushes of those that you come across without realizing during one of your many walks through the maze of the firm, but as with almost all the big acquisitions of your life, a priori, it does not seem like a big thing Yes, one more basket to keep the blankets, one more cute. But if you adjust your glasses for a moment, if you look closely at their shape, color, size and structure, you will realize that you have many possibilities, many lives.


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Fladis will be on many beaches, we know, and will be in its own right.

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