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Gucci and its new campaign with Faye Dunaway, SoKo and the Sylvie Bag

The story of an icon.

Rich mother, famous and stylish, and daughter who admires her and inherits her most desired object. In this sentence could be summarized the story with which Alessandro Michele wanted to capture in his new campaign -fashion film included- the character of one of the most iconic pieces of Gucci: his bag Sylvie.


And it could be a perfect synopsis if it were not for all the nuances that the creative director, together with the photographer and director of the Petra Collins campaign, has managed to give to this new release. To begin with, the collaboration of actress Faye Dunaway and singer SoKo as absolute protagonists. And, to continue, that dreamy and extravagant atmosphere so characteristic of Gucci that floods everything.


The lifestyle of the rich and famous in Hollywood has served on this occasion as a source of inspiration for the film, framed in the sunny avenues of Rodeo Drive and the luxurious mansions of Beverly Hills.

In addition, in a nod to the relationship between mothers and daughters, its protagonists share a link in the fiction that will make feel identified to any woman who has admired and copied the style of elegant and powerful women.

So in this campaign, and in his unmissable fashion film, in short … the story of an icon is told. The #GucciSylvie: a bag that has conquered different generations from the preppy classicism that Faye embodies to the vintage SoKo modernism and which is the perfect legacy of the most stylish families.

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