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Fendi Logomania

Fendi Logomania

Seems like Fendi is fighting with Gucci for logomania.

There is no doubt that the best-known luxury design houses are in a constant race to reign in logomania. First, of course, there is the aforementioned Gucci, which since Alessandro Michele took the reins of creative control has incorporated the monogram that they used so much in the 2000s; later the collaboration of Louis Vuitton with Supreme for the fall of 2017 that put the stamps on jackets, scarves, suitcases and any surface on which it could be printed; and Dior’s recent effort to remember the J’Adore Dior jerseys at the beginning of the millennium, which have resulted in branded bra straps to a Dior Addict t-shirt for Pre-Fall 2017.


In recent weeks, we have noticed that the classic Fendi double-F Zucca print has been everywhere. Karl Lagerfeld certainly received the memorandum that millennials these days are about logos, and the Italian house, known mainly for its luxurious furs and leather goods, has gone full speed with the monogram.


On the 2018 spring runway in Milan, last year, Kendall Jenner modeled a leather jacket cut with the print, setting the precedent for what would eventually become an Instagirl hit. That is, a viral phenomenon that passed from Gigi and Bella Hadid to Kim Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, Rita Ora and Sarah Snyder.

All current it girl has been photographed in Fendi clothes with brown graphics from head to toe.


Fendi Logomania


“What we are seeing is the movement of luxury firms towards the penetration of products with logos,” explained Josh Schulman, CEO of Coach, to the magazine ‘Forbes’.



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