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Do you know what your bag reveals about you? Discover it here

Do you carry it on your arm? Behind you? Body language experts reveal the secrets behind how you carry your bag.

A bag is the indispensable accessory of all women, since they keep all the things and objects that can not be imagined, sometimes, even the whole world can be inside them. Discover what your way of carrying your beloved bag says about your personality.

Experts in body language analyzed the way you carry your portfolio. With the help of Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., the Glamor US portal mentioned some features of your personality that reveal the way you carry your purse.

1. Over the shoulder, keeping it close to your body


“Whoever uses its bag in this way gives greater priority to his freedom of movement than to show off his accessory, not someone who likes to attract attention,” explains Hendricks.

In general, these girls like smaller bags and are usually practical.

2. Over the shoulder, letting it hang freely


“Leaving your bag to move freely and having it open indicates a priority in the easy and functional things, if you keep it closed, you can wear it much more, but it would not be so practical,” says the expert.

3. Crossbody in front of your body


“This style indicates a much more cautious personality, someone who is airtight and serious, maybe even very defensive,” he says.

4. Crusade on your body but behind it


This person does not give importance to material things and focuses on their functionality. In fact it does not even show the brand of the bag.

5. On the fold of your elbow


“The bags that are worn in this way indicate a fixation with status and position, you are subtracting movement from your arms to carry something of that size, telling others that you do not need your two hands to move in the world. , you can see the shape and brand of the bag you carry, “says Hendricks.

6. In the hand

If you carry your bag in your hands this indicates that you attach great importance to your work. Unconsciously you are telling the world that you are more than a person who simply seeks to show off an accessory.

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