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Discover the new bag of Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo launches his new bag: Studio bag

Paul Andrew and the european artist Ana Kras have managed to create a bag that represents 100% of the values of the brand. It resembles that canvas where creatives can capture everything their imagination gives them, just as Salvatore Ferragamo did with his designs.

Salvatore Ferragamo Studio bag


“The Studio Bag symbolizes the desire for timeless iconicism, a merit for which the signature of Ferragamo is internationally recognized and one of the signatures that I remember from my youth.”


Fashion becomes both a work of art and a painted canvas , referring not only to the form and color, but also to the spirit of creativity that personal study addresses, “confesses the European artist Ana Kras.

The colors and style of this new bag are inspired by what is conveyed by the private art studio of Ana Kras, a celebration of talent and craftsmanship that in turn also reflects the quality of the product, something that has become in the symbol of the brand: the Florentine tradition and the Made in Italy craftsmanship that Ferragamo always used.

With this new launch, the brand also celebrates the opening of the first Salvatore Ferragamo space, Hollywood Boot Shop (California), with a digital project that reflects the different colors and designs chosen by the creative director, Paul Andrew, for the Pre-Collection. Fall 2018.

And it is a success, perfect for any occasion and combinable with any look.


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