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DELA ÉVA, timeless treasures

DELA ÉVA bags are unique in design, combining sectors of womenswear and accessory, making it the new staple to add to the closet. With meticulous attention to detail and courage to break rules in order to create something outstanding. 



We interview Ninja D. Evangelista, the designer behind DELA ÉVA. She is an Austrian Fashion Accessory Designer, who moved to London to study fashion design and pursue her dreams by creating her own fashion brand.

As Ninja points out, she always had the vision to create something that would inspire people and empower women.

I want to share beautiful moments and tell stories in my own unique way. That is why I started designing and adding special details of precious moments lived into every handbag. I love being able to inspire people with my creations, which started as a vision in my mind and developed into a unique design that will finally be a part of someone else’s beautiful life. I strongly believe it is important to do something you love.


Doing what you love is fulfilling and for me being a designer able to create, inspire and express my visions through my own brand is definitely what I enjoy most and what inspired me to create my own brand.


DELA ÉVA products are unique in design as they always have a special and meaningful detail added to make it an accomplished masterpiece. The details are inspired by Ninja’s stories and moments lived, her journeys, visions and adventures experienced.

All these influences are combined together to create something special. DELA ÉVA handbags are seasonless and are designed as timeless treasures, so they can be worn for every occasion, may it be a daytime or nighttime adventure.


“Our signature is to combine handbags with details and accessories from elements of womenswear. I actually started designing womenswear, but soon after I felt my designs were not 100% complete. I always had the feeling there was one important detail missing to make it a unique artwork and make it stand out from other existing designs. So I started combining and connecting design details and accessories together”.

The designer still remembers her first DELA ÉVA handbag she designed:

“It was a small leather bag with a Poncho physically attached to it. From that moment onwards I knew that I found the missing puzzle in my creations and that this is going to be the signature in all of my designs. The modern heart shape you see throughout our designs is also one of our signatures, which is different from the classic heart shape and symbolizes devotion, creativity and a special love affair with every design detail.”



Life inspires me – My inspirations come from my everyday life stories, memories from the past, from travelling and exploring cities. Travelling is definitely a big part of my life and a good source for inspiration.



Ninja remembers that when she was 18, she started checking for her bucket list and travelled to more than 40 countries: “My designs are reflections of my stories I found along the way, art I discovered in museums, historical buildings I have visited, and inspiring people I met along the way. Rekindle your imagination – close your eyes and see. I create new collections from all these sources of inspiration in my so-called “daydreams”, let all of these influences stimulate my senses and combine all of that into a vision to create artistic fashion accessories.

London is the city she calls home and is part of her inspiration.

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” Samuel Johnson was so right and this quote just recaps how I feel about London. London is where modern meets tradition. I am in love with the living pulse of the city, a city that never sleeps and is rich of cultural diversity and hidden gems. Inspiration is everywhere! I find my inspiration from traveling and discovering new places, from history, art and everyday experiences and impressions that makes life so special. Our life is our own centre stage full of inspiration and surprises.”

DELA ÉVA designs are creative, artistic and unique and are meant for all women, who enjoy standing out to express their individuality.

The strong emphasis on individuality is reflected throughout their designs and is also deeply embedded in DELA ÉVA company culture.

One of the favorite quotes of Ninja is from Dr. Seuss: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

The DELA ÉVA Women is a strong, fierce and beautiful Fashion Warrior. She is a successful hardworking woman, who knows what she wants in life and empowers women to stand out and express themselves in their own beautiful and unique way.


What expectations have Dela Éva towards the future? Surprises, Inspirations and Creations.

“We have a lot of upcoming surprises for our customers.” concludes DELA ÉVA’s designer, Ninja Evangelista.

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